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Call for Artist - DEADLINE :  
Characters on Kay




Metro EDGE is all about loving your city. So what better way to show our love then to support an walkable art idea, which is a product of our own Emerge Summit? This awesome idea is being championed by two of our young professionals, Phil Tretheway and Megan Blackwell.

Characters on Kay is about creating a unique, walkable art experience that promotes a sense of discovery and whimsy, threading through the heart of Sacramento. We envision a series of small sculptures characters with backstories, doing various, quintessentially Sacramento activities. The characters will be installed on lightposts, walls and sidewalks from Old Sacramento, all along the Kay, to the Convention Center. With your help, we will create an experience that draws locals and visitors through the heart of our city.

Metro EDGE invites artists and artist teams residing within 25 miles of Sacramento to submit their qualifications for a public art project to be created and installed on K Street from Old Sacramento to the Sacramento Convention Center in downtown Sacramento. Finalists for the project will be selected based on their past work.

Application Deadline:
April 13, 2018, 5pm

Project budget is $35,000-$45,000

Additionally, a budget has been established to pay finalists a proposal fee of $500.

Project Overview:
Eligible artists must reside (or have lived for more than 5 years) within 25 miles of Sacramento. The selected artists/artist teams must be available to begin work immediately and complete the project by March 2019.

Artist Selection Criteria:
Criteria for selection of public art or approval of designs include but are not limited to the following:

-An ability to work collaboratively with other design professionals, stakeholders and staff
-Demonstrated successful creative, innovative, and effective approach in comparable projects
-Artist’s ability to carry out the commission, keep the project within budget, and to complete and install the work on schedule.
-Artist’s knowledge of and ability to work with, durable materials that are appropriate for long-term exposure in a public environment and that require minimal care and long-term maintenance.
-Poses a proven mastery or skill in at least one artistic medium
-Reside (or have lived for more than 5 years) within 25 miles of Sacramento

For the full RFP, click here.


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