Auditions for Moon Over the Brewery

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Auditions - DEADLINE :  
Auditions for Moon Over the Brewery




Auditions for Moon Over the Brewery by Bruce Graham, directed by Deanne Farinha Eldridge.

Saturday, July 29th @ 5-7pm in Folsom – address given upon registration
Sunday, July 30th 3-5pm in Folsom – address given upon registration
Saturday, August 5th
 @ 3-5pm in Folsom – address given upon registration
Monday, August 7th @ 7-9pm in Folsom – address given upon registration

Or By Appointment

Please email us at to register. Fill out and bring Audition Form to the audition.

REHEARSALS begin on August 14th

September 14th-24th; Thursdays thru Sundays – at Blacktop Comedy in Rocklin.

Amanda Waslyk: a 13 year old girl with her IQ of 160 she finds that school is too easy and her classmates act like “kids.” She is so bright that she handles the family finances instead of her mother, Miriam, and gets upset when Miriam overspends. (Female; Primary Role; Age 13 in play – looking for range from 12 to 16 years of age)
Randolph – a handsome and delightful imaginary character. He exists in the mind of Amanda, a 13 year old girl and appears only to her. (Male; Age 25-35 years old)
Miriam Waslyk – mother to Amanda, is a lovely woman who many men find attractive. She works as a waitress in the small coal-mining town in order to make enough money to raise her brilliant but difficult daughter. (Female; Age mid to late thirties/early 40s)
Warren Zimmerman – a mailman, falls in love with Miriam. Warren’s task is to win over the daughter so he can marry the mother. (Male; Age 40s)

In Bruce Graham’s touching, gently humorous study of a precocious teenager’s “coming of age” story, we find Miriam Lipsky, unmarried and living with her thirteen-year-old daughter, Amanda, works as a waitress to pay the bills, but it is her painting that really matters to her. Good subjects are scarce in the drab Pennsylvania coal town where they live, so Miriam dons a miner’s lamp and paints at night, when moonlight softens and transforms the stark landscape. Miriam is also desirous of male companionship, a need which her daughter has discouraged by driving away suitor after suitor with her barbed comments. Amanda, compensating for the lack of a father, has also created an imaginary friend, Randolph. Matters come to a head when Miriam brings home Warren Zimmerman, a rather unprepossessing, somewhat paunchy mailman who, at first, appears to be a perfect target for Amanda’s (and Randolph’s) caustic remarks and demeaning intelligence tests.


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