Empire's Comics Vault

Empire's Comics Vault


Website: http://www.empirescv.com

 (916) 924-0775

 2357 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825

Empire’s Comics Vault has expanded to twice their previous size and they still have all the great things that make them the best in town, plus a whole lot more! Orders on new comics have increased to include just about everything that comes out and new comics are available every Wed by 11am. More trades are stocked than ever before and the back issues selection has doubled.

Of course, Empire’s Comics Vault carries all the other things that go along with collecting comics: Ssatues, wall scrolls, posters, clothing, plushes, toys, DVDs, magazines, comic and card Supplies, anime, manga, card games, miniature games, individual cards and miniatures, strategy board games, plus much more.

There is a designated game area for game play during all hours. Come down and play any time!

Location Info

Empire's Comics Vault

2357 Arden Way

Sacramento, CA 95825