Lodi Wine Country

Lodi Wine Country

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 2545 W. Turner Road, Lodi, CA 95242

This emerging jewel of California wine has much to offer–from its rural atmosphere and relaxed pace to beautiful vineyards and exquisite wines. The Lodi Wine Country is nestled between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Here you’ll enjoy a classic Mediterranean climate, featuring warm days and cool, pleasant evenings. Mother Nature provides the perfect environment for vintners to make great wines and for you to make new friends and create lasting memories.

Variety is the theme while meandering along the Lodi wine trail. You’ll encounter wineries large and small, brand new and decades old. Chance are you’ll step into a wine tasting room and sip wine with the winemaker, who might be a fifth generation Lodi grape grower.

The beautiful vineyard scenery in Lodi tells the tale of both young and old vines. The older vines, especially the famous Zinfandel, spread their roots deep into sandy soils. You’ll notice the individual pattern of "head-pruned" vines. Younger vines such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay are easily recognized by their long trellised rows. Whether young or old, Lodi vines yield wines that are irresistible. These wines are full of flavor yet soft and supple on the palate. They are delicious on their own or are the perfect companion to food.

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Lodi Wine Country

2545 W. Turner Road

Lodi, CA 95242