Midtown Business Association

Midtown Business Association

Area Development - Neighborhood Association

Website: http://exploremidtown.org/

 (916) 442-1500

 919 20th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

The Midtown Business Association’s (MBA) commitment started in 1983 when businesses banded together and began working with city officials on issues such as parking, beautification, and other common business concerns.

Bordered by B Street on the north, W Street on the south, 15th Street on the west, and Alhambra on the east, Midtown is friendly neighborhood with a variety of unique stores, restaurants, and businesses that are not found anywhere else. MBA is dedicated to cultivating this neighborhood as an exciting community in which to work, shop, and live.

MBA has always been a volunteer group relying on the energies of the local business community that makes up its membership. MBA is primarily small and medium businesses and is always eager for new members to become involved. We spend much of our energy educating, promoting, and fighting for a business community that makes Midtown the best place to shop, dine, work, and play.

MBA has been working over the years to enliven and enrich our community. We encourage new and old businesses alike to establish a relationship with city government, built upon a foundation of common goals and mutual respect. Dedicated to serving and improving the community, we are active as an information source, which helps address our community concerns. Your voice is important and, with your involvement, we look forward to making it heard.