Exotic Plants, Ltd.

Exotic Plants, Ltd.

Website: http://www.exoticplantsltd.com

 (916) 922-4769

 1833 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825

Exotic Plants, Ltd, owned and operated by Kifumi Keppler, has been supplying live exotic plants and caring for them in the Sacramento area since 1972. They provide both a retail store front and professional on-site plant maintenance services. 

Be adventurous! Come on a treasure hunt and see what you can find in our store. We carry a wide selection of living artwork and non-living antiques. You’ll find lush tropical foliage plants, such as Liquita Grande Palms, Rhapis Palms, Veitchia Soledad Palms, Bucida Buceras (Italian Black Olive trees), colorful Bromeliads, beautiful Orchids of every hue and color, Asian antiques, and other art. We host free workshops on Orchid Care and Bonsai Creation every few months.