May 13 - 23 2021
Celebration Arts presents Bulrusher

Celebration Arts presents Bulrusher

Presented by Celebration Arts Theatre at Celebration Arts Theatre

Celebration Arts presents “Bulrusher” by Eisa Davis and directed by Imani Mitchell. This play occurs in 1955, in the redwood country north of San Francisco, a multiracial girl grows up in a predominantly white town whose residents pepper their speech with the historical dialect of Boontling.

Found floating in a basket on the river as an infant, Bulrusher is an orphan with a gift for clairvoyance that makes her feel like a stranger even amongst the strange: the taciturn schoolteacher who adopted her, the madam who runs her brothel with a fierce discipline, the logger with a zest for horses and women, and the guitar-slinging boy who is after Bulrusher’s heart. Just when she thought her world might close in on her, she discovers an entirely new sense of self when a black girl from Alabama comes to town. Passionate, lyrical, and chock full of down-home humor, this play is an unforgettable experience by a new, thrilling voice.

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2021/05/13 - 2021/05/23

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Celebration Arts Theatre

4469 D Street, Sacramento, CA 95819