Apr 30 2021
Maker-to-Market Office Hours with Michael Rottman ...

Maker-to-Market Office Hours with Michael Rottman ...

Presented by Hacker Lab at Hacker Lab

Making stuff is hard and creating a steady income stream by selling what you make is even harder. Thankfully you have a supportive community at Hacker Lab to help you on your journey! We have found that peer mentorship is the most effective way to expedite the learning process. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to introduce weekly office hours with one of our long-time members, Makers Luck!

Maker Business Support Specializations:
-Small Business Formation, Certifications, Local Selling Permitting and Sales/Franchise/Income Tax Structuring
-Small Business Development: Target Markets Strategies, Cost/Pricing Frameworking, Packaging -Design/Development, Payment/CC Provider Setup, etc.
-Marketing & Branding: Online, Social Media & Google Marketing Strategies and Branding Development.
-Selling Locally, Including Selling Products In Local Boutiques/Stores, Setting-Up/Running A Product Vendor Booth at Local Events/Farmers Markets, and Strategies for Doing Commissioned Projects.
-Selling Online, Including Selling On E-Commerce Sites (Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Ebay, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) -Website Development (Shopify, Square, etc.), Inventory Management, Packaging/Shipping Strategies and Online Marketing/Branding.

Makerspace Fabrication Specializations:
-Laser & Shopbot CNC (Engraving/Cutting) Machining
-CAD Design and Machine Toolpathing
-Epoxy Resin Techniques
-Woodworking, Metalsmithing and Acrylic Fabrication
-LED and Arduino/Microcontrollers
-Industrial Grade Signage/Furniture/Decor/Art Installation Design and Fabrication Using Tools at Hacker Lab

About the Instructor:
Michael Rottman, 33, is a small business owner and seasoned Hacker Lab member. Alongside his wife Hannah, he owns Maker’s Luck, a boutique design studio headquartered within the Hacker Lab makerspace that specializes in making-selling small batch product lines and building commercial signage, furniture and decor. Prior to Maker’s Luck, Michael’s career started in D.C. with a 7+ year tenure as an IT project/product manager; thereafter he launched “Upperstack”, a venture backed resume-building tech startup for the college market that ushered his move to California. After 3 years “Upperstack” grew into an unsustainable venture; so Michael moved on, eventually stumbling upon the Hacker Lab makerspace which inspired him to combine his IT/Design skill sets with Hacker Lab’s tools/resources to create physical product lines and ultimately launch Maker’s Luck.

Admission Info

Phone: (916) 514-7044

Email: contact@hackerlab.org

Dates & Times

2021/04/30 - 2021/04/30

Location Info

Hacker Lab

1715 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814