Apr 06 2021
May 01 2021
Open Show Sacramento: Alumni Collection Exhibit

Open Show Sacramento: Alumni Collection Exhibit

Presented by Viewpoint Photographic Art Center at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

Due to the current Public Health Order 3/19/2020 Photography Month(s) Sacramento events and our Open Show Sacramento: Alumni Collection exhibit will be rescheduled. Stay tuned!

What better way to celebrate Photography in Sacramento than with an event that embraces the artistry of photography in its many forms? Welcome to: Open Show Sacramento an Alumni Presentation.

Open Show Sacramento was launched in July of 2016 at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center by local photographer and event producer, Juliet Haas. Since 2016, Ms. Haas has produced 11 shows throughout the Sacramento region offering an opportunity for photographers to share a complete body of work, or one in progress, with an audience in an informal setting.

The concept for Open Show began in 2008 in San Francisco and has now evolved into an international event platform for photographers, filmmakers and multimedia artists. Sacramento’s Open Show focuses on the art of photography creating a supportive and exciting opportunity for artists to meet one another and exchange ideas.

The way Open Show Sacramento comes together is through an Open Call for photography projects which includes a body of work which has been completed or is in process. Once submitted, Haas selects five presenters to share their work at the next Open Show. The build up to the presentation is labor intensive, but Haas handles it like a pro. First she secures presentation venues, and then, working with the established Open Show brand, she creates the marketing outreach and social media posts. Finally, she organizes and presents the show.

This exhibit represents images from the Alumni of the past 11 Open Shows over a three year period of time. Each of the 44 photographers has one image from a current project or from their original Open Show presentation.

Participating artists:
Steve Abbott, Jo Ann and George Aiello, Iva Bartley, Laszlo Bencze, Jaya Bhat, Todd Bischoff, Susan Bovey, Angela Casagrande, Harvey Castro, Angel Chea, Doug Dertinger, Kate Farrall, Elisa Fernandez, Juliet Haas, David Harlan, Dan Herrera, Robert Jensen, Linda Clark Johnson, Lewis Kemper, Aniko Kiezel, Joan Carroll Kudin, Tori Lee, Justin Marsh, Tim Messick, Zach Miners, Marlo McClurg, Aniko Meszaros, David Nasater, Roberta Neidigh, Mircea Ouatu-Lascar , Jessica Pena, Dianne Poinski, David Ruderman, Farrell Scott, Anna Skacel, Megan Sinclair, Neal Snidow, Peter Sutherland, Jason Tannen, Steven Tze, Gary Wagner, Ken Walton, Dennis Wickes, and Jim Wilson.

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Dates & Times

2021/04/06 - 2021/05/01

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Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

2015 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811