Virtual Rest and Reset

Virtual Rest and Reset

Presented by The Summer Moon at Online/Virtual Space

Restorative Yoga is the practice of being rather than doing. It allows us to move into a state of deep relaxation through stillness, support, warmth, quiet, and darkness. By combining these things, we are able to manipulate the nervous system, and move from a state of stress into a state of ease.

As we navigate this anxious and weary world many are feeling grief, isolation, and a general sense of overwhelm. We are all moving through our days in a constant state of stress. Please join in for this monthly workshop, and give yourself an opportunity to rest and reset.

What you’ll need:
-4-6 bath or beach towels (the bigger the better)
-4 bed pillows
-2 couch pillows (should be the same size)
-2 large books, or 4 smaller books (as close to the same size as possible)
-1 chair
-1 hand towel
-1 washcloth
-1 cozy blanket

Note: If you have traditional yoga props – bolster, blocks, blankets, etc. – you’re welcome to use them in lieu of at-home props.

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Dates & Times

2020/12/05 - 2021/11/06

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Online/Virtual Space