Sep 22 - 29 2020
Sacramento Zoo Auction 2020

Sacramento Zoo Auction 2020

Presented by Sacramento Zoo at Online/Virtual Space

Especially during these very uncertain times, your nonprofit Sacramento Zoo needs your support more than ever.

Did you know that it costs the Sacramento Zoo more than $460,000 every 30 days to operate…even during a pandemic? Despite an extended closure, and the forced cancellation of fundraising programs and events, the zoo’s dedicated staff continues to provide exceptional daily care to the nearly 500 animals that call the Sac Zoo home.

Auction 2020 was designed to generate much-needed revenue for the zoo while offering our supporters some amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, domestic travel packages, wildlife art and much more.

Learn how to place your bids here.

Admission Info

Phone: (916) 808-3713


Dates & Times

2020/09/22 - 2020/09/29

Location Info

Online/Virtual Space