Sep 02 - 23 2020
Secrets of Ancient Art

Secrets of Ancient Art

Presented by Blue Line Arts (formerly Roseville Arts! Blue Line Gallery) at Blue Line Arts Gallery

Participants will learn that before the end of last Ice Age our ancestors were creating amazing works of art using only materials they gathered from the natural world around them. Class participants using only natural materials and with tools they make themselves will create an array of art objects that span our human past.

Two hour classes meeting once a week for four weeks. To get the most out of the class students will be encouraged to work on projects during the week using the skills and materials gained in the previous weeks lesson.

Students will learn to make the following by hand:
-Beads and ornaments from: stone, pine nut, bird bone, mammoth ivory, ostrich eggshell, seashell, teeth and rawhide
-Pigments, binders, brushes and items painted with these materials
-Whistles decorated with the students’ beads and pigments and strung on hand made cordage
-String and glue
-Stone and bone tools

Admission Info

General $150
Members $120
Grades 2-4

Phone: (916) 783-4117

Email: [email protected]

Dates & Times

2020/09/02 - 2020/09/23

Location Info

Blue Line Arts Gallery

405 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678