Apr 02 2020
Peaks, Valleys, and Farms: Western Red Foxes (Canc...

Peaks, Valleys, and Farms: Western Red Foxes (Canc...

Presented by Yolo Basin Foundation at Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Headquarters

Note: This event has been cancelled. The Yolo County Public Health Officer has issued a countywide health order for residents to shelter in place from 3/19-4/7.

The Sacramento Valley red fox (SVRF, Vulpes vulpes patwin) is endemic to the northern Central Valley of California. It is considered a State Species of Greatest Conservation Need due to its decline in abundance from historical levels and restricted distribution. While its closest relative, the Sierra Nevada red fox (Vulpes vulpes necator) occupies high elevation, subalpine habitat, the Sacramento Valley red fox appears to be uniquely adapted to the semi-arid, lowland region that is its namesake. Along with habitat loss, hybridization with nonnative red foxes of fur-farm origin has been identified as a threat to the genetic integrity of the Sacramento Valley red fox along the southern edge of its range.

Yolo Basin Foundation’s Flyway Nights speaker series will explore Western red foxes with Sophie Preckler-Quisquater from UC Davis’ Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Unit. Sophie uses a combination of traditional wildlife monitoring techniques and “next-generation” genomic tools to characterize the ecology and evolution of this endemic subspecies and to address the potential consequences of continued hybridization with the nonnative red population.

Flyway Nights is a monthly speaker series highlighting environmental issues, natural history of Northern California and current research topics in conservation. Yolo Basin Foundation hosts Flyway Nights the first Thursday of the month from November to April at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Headquarters.

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Phone: (530) 757-3780

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2020/04/02 - 2020/04/02

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Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Headquarters

45211 County Road 32B (Chiles Road), Davis, CA 95618