Mar 06 2020
First Friday Showcase: Christine Shields

First Friday Showcase: Christine Shields

Presented by Sunrider Studio at Sunrider Studio

Sunrider Studios has another amazing showcase for First Friday featuring Christine Shields.

Christine Shields is an artist and musician from California. She grew up primarily in rural areas from the coast to the Sierras, spending a lot of time alone in nature in childhood, and as much time as possible at music shows and drawing with her friends in her teenage years.

At the age of 17 she moved to San Francisco, joined a band, and started attending the Art Institute where she studied painting, drawing, animation and film. Many years spent steeped in the counter cultures of San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles resulted in a well rounded creative life built around necessity and imagination.

Her music is a dreamy, melodic sound with a dark, high-lonesome feel, and roots in post-punk, folk, old–time, and experimental music. Her album In the Sun was released in fall of 2010 on Awesome Vista Records.

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Suggested Donation $5


Dates & Times

2020/03/06 - 2020/03/06

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Sunrider Studio

2311 S St., Sacramento, CA 95816