Jan 28 2020
SMUD: Clean Power for the People

SMUD: Clean Power for the People

Presented by Solar Right Alliance at North Natomas Library

California has been a leader in building a sustainable future and promoting renewable energy, but SMUD is slowing progress down here in Sacramento. They’re keeping their fossil fuel plants open — pumping millions more tons of carbon into the atmosphere — and making it really hard to move toward clean, renewable energy with rooftop solar.

The good news is that the community can make Sacramento a clean energy pioneer with a healthy and bright future. The SMUD board members are elected officials, which means they’re accountable to the community their customers and constituents. Show them to step up as leaders, shut down their power plants, and make rooftop solar easy and affordable. Since SMUD is the 6th largest utility in the country, their commitment to stop burning fossil fuels could spark change for the entire industry.

Join other concerned residents and local organizations at the North Natomas Library for a fun event to learn more about the campaign, help strategize how to win, and take action!

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Free Admission
*Registration recommended.

Phone: (845) 901-8337

Email: Gwen@solarrights.org

Dates & Times

2020/01/28 - 2020/01/28

Location Info

North Natomas Library

4660 Via Ingoglia, Sacramento, CA 95835