Feb 29 2020
Move to Write: Yoga and Creative Writing

Move to Write: Yoga and Creative Writing

Presented by The Yoga Seed Collective at The Yoga Seed Collective

As humans we are innately experts at both movement and the creativity that comes with sharing personal stories. Although, for many of us this creative element of sharing ourselves is often overlooked or under practiced in our lives.

This two-hour workshop, led by Kristin Maaskamp, will serve to reconnect guests with the innate calling to move, reflect, and to share personal stories through the written word. Begin exploration with a meditation and breath work practice that both balances and reconnects with the sacredness of breath. Bring some lightness and access a more playful side of yourself as you explore playing with words and poetry. There’ll be an opportunity to share what you create throughout the workshop but participants always have the power to make the choice on whether they would prefer to share or listen. After connecting with your breath and playful side, spend the next hour reconnecting with your body on a deeper energetic and somatic level. Because you are more than just your mind, and more that just your physical body, you’ll tap into a yoga asana practice that accesses the physical body or Annamaya Kosha. This practice will be different from a traditional class in that, there will be guided questions to explore and also opportunities to pause and write about any physical or emotional feelings that arise individually during the process of working with the physical form. Working with the physical body somatically through yoga and dynamic movement serves to gently open the natural creative and intuitive side by allowing the mind to have an opportunity to rest and gain space from its usual perpetual thinking. This space from the mind and mental chatter further cultivates a reunion back home to the inner self and allows for the gates of creativity to open further. This increased space cultivated within the mind allows for the inner winds of intuition and allows for creative stories to naturally bubble to the surface. The last part of this workshop will be an experiential exercise utilizing the tool of writing in order to reflect inwardly and to creatively explore on an intuitive level the deeper guiding intentions in life. This active listening and reflecting on unique and personal stories allows for there to be a sort of mental space between the stories we perceive to define us and innate truths. Perhaps even moving towards a narrative that better aligns with the deepest intentions and Inner Selves.

A complimentary take-home journal will be provided. Wear something you can move in, Yoga Seed has yoga mats and props to borrow in the studio.

Admission Info

General $30
Yoga Seed Members $25

Email: kristin@theyogaseed.org

Dates & Times

2020/02/29 - 2020/02/29

Location Info

The Yoga Seed Collective

1400 E Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

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