Jan 07 2020
Feb 26 2020
Improv 101 Class

Improv 101 Class

Presented by The Sacramento Comedy Spot at Comedy Spot Training Center

This eight-week Improv 101 course is the perfect fit for everyone! Sacramento Comedy Spot teaches students all the basics of improv. Basically, students are going to laugh for two hours each week and play like a kid! Participants will learn how to create comedy scenes off the top of their head, with no preparation or planning, inspired by students’ true stories. Students will learn basic improv skills, like accepting and building on other student ideas, establishing and playing the pattern of the scene, and heightening their pattern from grounded to crazy town. At the end of the class students will perform in front of a live audience in a class performance.

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Phone: (916) 444-3137

Email: [email protected]

Dates & Times

2020/01/07 - 2020/02/26

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Comedy Spot Training Center

 915 T Street, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA 95811

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