Aug 14 2019
Confidently Connect with Great Galleries

Confidently Connect with Great Galleries

Presented by Blue Line Arts (formerly Roseville Arts! Blue Line Gallery) at Blue Line Arts Gallery

You are an artist who is just starting out or one who already has a few good shows on your resume. You have a great body of work but you’re not sure why you haven’t landed more exhibition opportunities or ones that feel like a better fit. You love creating art and you feel like the time has come to really get it out there. But, the thought of connecting with a gallery is a little intimidating.

Do any of these sound familiar?
-You wonder why some people get shows, when their art isn’t nearly as good as yours
-You wish you could show your work at better galleries
-You are too shy to network with art-world-people
-You are terrified that you’ll come off sounding like an amateur

Even if you’ve been showing work for a while, this class will help you know how to find the right galleries and be able to approach them confidently and professionally. Featuring insights from actual gallerists on how galleries work, you’ll learn how to approach a gallery with ease so you can show your work more often and at more professional art venues.

When you’ve completed the Confidently Connect with Great Galleries process, you’ll feel prepared and ready to take your art career to the next level.

After working together, you will:
-Know how to build a viable list of galleries to approach
-Know how to contact them with confidence
-Know what the right materials are to send to galleries
-Learn a BIG shortcut that everyone misses to find the best galleries

And, you’ll have my the right tools so you can put the techniques that you learn during the workshop into action. These include: Script for first contact with a gallery; Email gallery submission template; Scripts to follow up with the gallery; Gallery Tracker Tool.
Admission Info

Nonmembers $75
Blue Line Members $60

Phone: (916) 783-4117


Dates & Times

2019/08/14 - 2019/08/14

Location Info

Blue Line Arts Gallery

405 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678