Jun 12 2019
Mandala Workshop

Mandala Workshop

Presented by Art & Soul Therapy at Middle Way Health Forum

Participants are first led through a guided imagery meditation, then invited to create up to three Mandalas. All supplies are provided and members are encouraged to share with one another about their creative process. When Mandalas are completed, an overview of the “Great Round of Mandala” technique is displayed and the images are placed appropriately to the corresponding symbolism. A discussion follows about the meaning of symbols we create in our Mandalas and how to explore the Great Round Archetypes together. The experience leads to deeper insight and reflection about ourselves and the connection we gain from others in the room — especially how art facilitates that connection.

Admission Info

Ages 16+

Phone: (916) 583-8499

Email: [email protected]

Dates & Times

2019/06/12 - 2019/06/12

Location Info

Middle Way Health Forum

722 Alhambra Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95816