Sep 04 - 14 2019
Natural Wonders Exhibit

Natural Wonders Exhibit

Presented by The Mills Station Arts and Culture Center (MACC) at Mills Station Arts and Cultural Center (MACC)

This exhibit is three exhibits in one! It offers a great opportunity for field trips during non-public hours of operations where instructors and kids can learn and explore the world of pollinators, seeds, and mushrooms out of the classroom. There will be interactive activities and many teachable opportunities. Lectures take place on Thursday nights upstairs, check the MACC’s calendar for a full schedule.

“Seeds: Nature’s Artful Engineering” is an exhibit vivid portrayal of the incredible diversity, ingenuity, and beauty of seed-dispersal mechanism of plants native to California. Seeds and their dispersal mechanisms are one of the final stages in the evolutionary biology of flowering plants. Against many, many odds they are the final step in ensuring the survival of plant life. The exhibit is based around more than 30 high-resolution, close-up photographs of the seed structures and dispersal mechanisms of California native plants taken in the wild and in garden settings by Northern California plants people and naturalists, John Whittlesey and Jennifer Jewell.

“Pollinators: Keeping Company with Flowers” is an exhibit portraying the relationship between flowers and pollinators. The exhibit is based around 70 photographs of pollinators in wild and garden settings, primarily taken by Northern California plantsman and naturalist, John Whittlesey. These images vividly portray the intriguing lives of many kinds of pollinators. While many people recognize the European honeybee as an important pollinator, “Keeping Company with Flowers” primarily highlights native pollinators, which play a key role in the ecology of California.

“Mushrooms: Keys to the Kingdom Fungi” is an exhibit vividly portraying the intriguing lives and important roles of fungi in our environment. While the Fungi Kingdom includes more than one million species, this exhibit primarily focuses on the mushroom-producing fungi but will touch on the idea of other fungi — including molds and yeasts — as well. The exhibit is based around 30 photographs of mushrooms (the fruiting bodies of fungi) in the wild, taken by Northern California plants people and naturalists, John Whittlesey and Jennifer Jewell.

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2019/09/04 - 2019/09/14

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Mills Station Arts and Cultural Center (MACC)

10191 Mills Station Rd., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670