Apr 19 2019
Workshop: Coaching in a Polarized Environment

Workshop: Coaching in a Polarized Environment

Presented by College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State at The Urban Hive at The Cannery

Polarization in society continues to increase, and this bleeds over into the workplace. We find entrenched mindsets of black and white thinking that make it difficult to create an environment of growth for our teams. This shows up as unhealthy conflict, disengagement, and resistance to personal and organizational change. These are not problems that can be solved using traditional methods, they are tensions that require a both/and mindest and skill set to be able to effectively address. In this workshop, we will identify common workplace issues that arise from black and white thinking, and how you as a leader can utilize a both/and approach in your coaching to reduce resistance and increase performance.

-Understand the differences between either/or and both/and mindsets, and their impact on coaching.
-Use resistance to help diagnose the root cause of challenges.
-Get your team unstuck in unhelpful patterns to help them achieve their full potential.

Jason Roberts is passionate about helping leaders and teams improve the quality of their relationships to improve their lives. His ability to break down complex challenges and make them accessible creates a learning environment that is approachable and engaging. This turns traditional strategic planning sessions, which can seem like a slog, into energizing and empowering events. He enjoys supporting individuals and teams through, Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and High-Performance Team Development.

As a certified Polarity Thinking Master, Jason leads training and certification programs for hundreds of leaders, organizations, coaches and consultants in Polarity Thinking. His unique skill set combines management consulting frameworks with a deep knowledge of interpersonal development to understand the underlying dynamics and root causes of distress for a system.

Recently he co-founded Relationships Happen, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals foster deep and meaningful relationships both at home and in the workplace.

As a Sacramento native, Jason is excited to be working with local and statewide systems to support continued growth and prosperity of California.

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Phone: (916) 278-4433

Email: christina.m.chavez@csus.edu

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2019/04/19 - 2019/04/19

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The Urban Hive at The Cannery

3000 State University Drive, Sacramento, CA 95819

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