Mar 16 2019
Workshop: Intermediate Level Backyard Beekeeping

Workshop: Intermediate Level Backyard Beekeeping

Presented by The Beecharmers at The Cannery Barn

Intermediate backyard beekeeping and inspection practice! Did you take The Beecharmers’ first course “Intro to Backyard Beekeeping”? Have you taken a few classes, maybe started your hive, and want to know more? Purchased a package or nuc, caught your first swarm, and wondering now what? Then join this intermediate workshop focused on urban, backyard beekeeping.

The class is designed for backyard beekeepers interested in some intermediate level skills. There’s no prerequisite knowledge required, but it will be more advanced than the beginner-level workshop. There will be a short lecture and a group learning-style introduction to topics and then open hive inspection practice with practical, hands-on skills to move you to the next level of beekeeping.

This class will focus on urban beekeeping practices, including integrated pest management strategies in an urban setting, some DIY beekeeping ideas, and skills to make sure you know all of your options to keep your bees healthy. Even if you have read a few books, taken some other classes, or already started keeping bees, this interactive class will still have a lot to offer you.

Topics covered include:
-Advanced bee biology
-General maintenance and hive inspection best practices
-Processes and life cycles within the colony
-Diseases, pests and treatments
-Troubleshooting and tips for backyard beekeeping success in each season
-How to catch and keep a swarm
-When and how to split your hive
-Integrated Pest Management strategies
-Varroa mite life cycle, testing and control
-Preparing hives for winter

Note: Please wear beekeeping-appropriate clothing (closed toe shoes, long pants, long sleeves if desired, no perfumes or heavy scents, etc.). Some protective beekeeping suits and gloves are available to share, but please bring your own if you have it. You will not need any hive tools or smokers.

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Phone: (205) 415-0998


Dates & Times

2019/03/16 - 2019/03/16

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The Cannery Barn

1550 Cannery Avenue, Davis, CA 95616