Feb 16 2019
Workshop: Backyard Beekeeping for the Absolute Beginner

Workshop: Backyard Beekeeping for the Absolute Beginner

Presented by The Beecharmers at The Cannery RanchHouse

Join The Beecharmers for their Workshop “Backyard Beekeeping for the Absolute Beginner,” what the true beginner beekeeper needs to know to get started! This class focuses on urban, backyard beekeeping.

Are you thinking about starting a backyard hive, curious about what’s involved with beekeeping, or just want to learn more about bees? Beginner Backyard Beekeeping is a great introductory class for you. The class is designed for absolute beginners, so no prerequisite knowledge is required. You can walk in knowing absolutely nothing about bees and walk out with practical knowledge ready to get started with your own backyard beehive.

This class will focus on beekeeping practices in an urban setting, some DIY beekeeping ideas, and skills to make sure you know all of your options to keep your bees healthy. Even if you have read a few books, taken some other classes, or already started keeping bees, this interactive class will still have a lot to offer you.

Topics covered will include:
-Basic bee biology
-Identifying and using beekeeping equipment
-Safe hive placement
-General maintenance and hive inspections
-How to discuss your new hobby with neighbors
-Processes and life cycles within the colony
-Diseases, pests and treatments
-Troubleshooting and tips for beginner success
-Preparing hives for winter

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Phone: (205) 415-0998

Email: beecharmerscontact@gmail.com

Dates & Times

2019/02/16 - 2019/02/16

Location Info

The Cannery RanchHouse

2000 Cannery Loop, Davis, CA 95616