Jan 19 2019
Mar 11 2019
Listen Close

Listen Close

Presented by Public Land at Public Land

Artists Cosmo Dean and Trevor Wheatley create “Listen Close,” an instillation on view inside Public Land Gallery. Based in Toronto, Canada, the two have produced works for companies such as Nike, Stussy, Topshop, Converse, Nordstrom, and OVO.

Motivated by one of those often overlooked LED signs perched atop church lawns, the two found inspiration for the chandelier instillation in one of these scrolling messages which read “bad news is time flies, good news is you’re the pilot.” The partners were amused that this was the message the church used to advertise its service, but also thought it would make a nice text piece. “Simple and positive, a call to enjoy the moment,” says Wheatley, a concept he notes that is often lost by our tech-driven generation. Though simple in message, the instillation is striking, and the work and precision of Dean and Wheatley’s pieces can easily be seen and admired. From concept to execution, it is no surprise that the two are called upon by business giants for commercial employment, as their creations leave a lasting imprint on the minds of their viewers.

While the chandeliers will be available for viewing purposes only (e.g. not for sale), Dean and Wheatley have chosen to offer a photographic print of a previous work entitled “Shrug.” This piece was erected and photographed on land outside of Joshua Tree and will be for sale through Public Land store and online. 100 percent of the proceeds from these sales will be apportioned and donated to the California Native Plant Society and the Mojave Land Trust in order to further support their efforts of environmental conservation and education. Both are non-profit organizations.

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2019/01/19 - 2019/03/11

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Public Land

2598 21st Street, Sacramento, CA 95818