Sep 22 2016
The Act of Killing

The Act of Killing

Presented by Reality Fiction Film Series at Unknown

The Reality Fiction Film Series (RFFS) is Sacramento’s new home for independent documentary cinema. From Academy and Emmy-Award nominees, to festival darlings and overlooked gems, RFFS will be showcasing some of the best documentaries at The Public House Theater.

This month’s screening is The Act of Killing by Joshua Oppenheimer. Nominated for an Academy Award, The Act of Killing is as dreamlike and terrifying as anything that Werner Herzog (one of the executive producers) could imagine. The film explores a horrifying era in Indonesian history and provides a window into modern Indonesia, where corruption reins. Not only is the 1965 murder of an estimated one million people honored as a patriotic act, but the killers remain in power. In a mind-bending twist, death-squad leaders dramatize their brutal deeds in the style of the American westerns, musicals, and gangster movies they love–and play both themselves and their victims. As their heroic facade crumbles, they come to question what they’ve done.

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2016/09/22 - 2016/09/22

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