Apr 08 2018
The Spirits, Convergence II

The Spirits, Convergence II

Presented by VITA Academy at Brickhouse Gallery

The Sacramento Region Community Foundation awarded a Transforming the Creative Economy grant to the non-profit group VITA Academy, which enlisted MôD to oversee the project, Convergence II.  Convergence II is an artistic, socially dynamic, event-based project that reveals the history of Oak Park through original music, art, dance, oral histories, and film. MôD Artists and film directors Lauren Wagner and Mark Herzig created three events, each depicting a different era in Oak Park. Each event includes a short documentary film as well as live music. This second event, The Spirit, depicts the Oak Park neighborhood from the 1960s to the 1980s. Oral histories captured by Film Directors Mark Herzig and Lauren Wagner tell the stories and offer eyewitness accounts. MôD’s music, both recorded and live, will capture the moods of the times.

MôD Artists, a group of musicians based in Sacramento and Davis, wrote and recorded original music inspired by the history of one of the capital city’s most fascinating neighborhoods, Oak Park. It was Sacramento’s first suburb before it was annexed in 1911. It has the kind of history that has inspired celebration and study. At the turn of the 20th century, it’s a spirited, growing place, in flux, shifting in the rapid waters of social and economic change, boasting a boom of an integrated, solid middle-class neighborhood. “White flight” of the ‘60s and ‘70s left a ghetto behind. It is once again shifting rapidly, in a current renaissance through urban renewal. It has provoked consternation and controversy. Just as its map depicts roads that cut and arrive at odd angles, its varied stories collide, weaving a tale that must be told.

Joining MôD Artists for this event will be Oak Park’s Sacramento Ebony Chorale and children from the Aspire school, Capitol Heights Academy.



Admission Info

Donation $10

Phone: (916) 475-1240

Dates & Times

2018/04/08 - 2018/04/08

Location Info

Brickhouse Gallery

2837 36th Street, Sacramento, CA 95817