Feb 14 2018
Apr 24 2018
Polyphonic Series 15 and 16

Polyphonic Series 15 and 16

Presented by Ryan Morris at Insight Coffee Pavilions

Ryan Morris’ Polyphonic Series 15 and 16 are on display at Insight Pavilions. The Polyphonic Series is a study in repetition and structure. The series draws on the patterns and behaviors found in nature. These natural behaviors create infinite variations of complex patterns.

Each Polyphonic series explores the effects of repetition on a developing structure. The resulting works in each series display the continual evolution of the form. Each piece in a series is unique yet linked by this common pattern.

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Dates & Times

2018/02/14 - 2018/04/24

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Insight Coffee Pavilions

566 Pavilions Ln., Sacramento, CA 95825