Jan 22 - 23 2018
UCD 3D Research Symposium

UCD 3D Research Symposium

Presented by UC Davis at UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain

The UCD 3D Research Symposium is a 2-day event showcasing student work that focuses on the use of 3D imaging and modeling techniques. The goals are to highlight current research in this exciting field of study and to showcase applications of 3D imaging for those who may not be familiar with them.

The use of 3D imaging has become an integral tool for research in many disciplines and contexts. From computer-generated interactive graphics to 3D printed models to the use of virtual reality, the uses for these technologies are limited only by the creativity of the researcher. The use of 3D images and models in computer-generated forms as well as physical representations, provides a visually-based interpretation of data with the potential to highlight aspects that might not be readily apparent in traditional data examination and analysis, as well as generate awareness of academic research that may be of public interest. The dynamic nature of 3D models allows for the incorporation of new information to continually improve the resulting images and objects while encouraging manipulation of the subject matter to provide a more complete, holistic understanding of the subject matter.


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Phone: (530) 297-4651

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2018/01/22 - 2018/01/23

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UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain

267 Cousteau Pl., Davis, CA 95618

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