Aug 09 2017
Wide Open Walls: The Impact of Street Art in Sacra...

Wide Open Walls: The Impact of Street Art in Sacra...

Presented by California Groundbreakers at Beatnik Studios

Wide Open Walls is set to make a big splash in Sacramento, literally. Scheduled for August 10-20, Wide Open Walls is the official name for Sacramento’s annual mural festival, now in its second year. During those 11 days, 50 artists from 12 countries will be painting 40 individual surfaces, from small-business walls and back-street alleys on the Grid to silos and water towers in the suburbs.

When they look around Sacramento, what will catch their eye? When they put down their brushes and paint-sprayers, what will they leave behind for us?

Street art is a big deal around the globe — think Montreal with its own famous Mural Festival, Wynwood Walls in Miami, San Francisco’s Mission District. And, of course, Banksy.

Sacramento is the capital of the (currently) 5th largest economy in the world. So isn’t it our time to join the ranks of international cities known for their colorful, vibrant street-art scenes and communities? If so, what should those look like? What images should be on those walls? Who decides what they should be and where they should go? And how do the non-painters of us living here figure into creating a world-class street-art scene in Sacramento?

California Groundbreakers is hosting a panel focused on Wide Open Walls on the evening before it officially starts. Join us at Beatnik Studios, where you can also see work from every artist participating in WOW during the 11-day festival.

-5pm-6pm: Doors open
-6pm-7pm: Panel starts with a moderated Q&A
-7pm-7:30pm: Audience questions
-7:30pm: Mark your WOW map to create a foot/bike/car tour to see the murals as they start taking shape

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Phone: (415) 215-4976


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2017/08/09 - 2017/08/09

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Beatnik Studios

723 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95811