at Unknown

Opening the night is Jack Ballas, with a unique blend of folk guitar and almost punk-rock vocals. Jack writes hard hitting lyrics that give listeners space to ponder and moves them with blues melodies that resonate deeply.

Next to the stage will be “Soothsayer” (Robert Hegle) who plays dreamy guitar lines, raps like a veteran, and sings with pipes like a smoke shop. He works with a loop station and crafts a variety of smooth ska, folk, and hiphop tracks that will leave you in trance and wanting more.

Robin Reyes will hit the stage next and knows well how to move a crowd with his mind-blowing guitar compositions and buttery vocal tones. He plays guitar and sings, but like nobody I have ever heard, and will mezmerize folks with songs of love, beauty, and struggle.

The headlining act is “This Body Wants To Live!”, which is a duo composed of Hannah Mayree (banjo, vocals) and Rybree Tree (bass). These two musicians are stellar alone, but together can create a magic capable of leaving audiences in spell between banjo notes, bass grooves, and sweet vocal textures (not to mention some brilliantly constructed lyrics!).

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