Mar 08 2017
May 10 2017
River-Friendly Landscaping Professional Green Gard...

River-Friendly Landscaping Professional Green Gard...

Presented by EcoLandscape California at Sacramento Tree Foundation

Improve your professional skills and your bottom line with EcoLandscape’s training for landscape professionals!

The Green Gardener Training Program is ten weekly classes that cover:
-River-friendly landscaping and watershed principles
-Improving soil health
-Using mulches and compost
-Water-efficient irrigation
-Choosing the right plant and putting them in the right place
-Integrated pest management
-Pruning for plant health
-Fertilizers and turf care
-Selling River-friendly landscaping: marketing your green gardener business



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Dates & Times

2017/03/08 - 2017/05/10

Location Info

Sacramento Tree Foundation

191 Lathrop Way, Sacramento, CA 95816