Feb 25 2017
Scriptorium Poetry and Words Series: Poet Andrew Duke Killmer

Scriptorium Poetry and Words Series: Poet Andrew Duke Killmer

Presented by Scriptorium Saturday Poetry & Words at Robbie Waters Library

Poet Andrew Duke Killmer will be the next guest poet featured in the Scriptorium Poetry and Words Series. Andrew’s poems and stories have appeared in print and online in The Suisun Valley Review, Brev Spread, and The Black Rabbit Magazine. In 2010, he received the Quinton Duval Award in Creative Writing, and in 2015 won the Dominic J. Bazzanella Literary Award. In addition to poetry, he writes fiction and non-fiction, mostly by longhand.

Andrew holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from California State University, Sacramento, and intends to pursue a Ph.D. in Creative Writing in 2018. He is currently working on a project centered on what it means to be a 20/21st century American.

An open mic to follow Andrew’s presentation.

Excerpt from Panning Forgiveness by poet Andrew Duke Killmer:
So, what are you doing,
steps? Is this step
eight or something? Exactly. This is step eight.
Starting right here right now,
today. You’re the first.

Slab city. Anywhere Mojave-town, USA.
A suburb of fifth-wheels and Winnebagos collect desert
grit in the gray area between legal and illegal. A few hand-
painted signs bang against nothing
in the wind, advertising storefronts run out of flung
open van doors held that way with bungee cords
or chunks of aspen some river in Utah washed up,
that my father, or someone like him, stuck
into a cement-filled tire with a nail too
near the sidewall to be patched (a shame to throw it
on a Friday night bonfire with that much tread
still good), given a final purpose.

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2017/02/25 - 2017/02/25

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Robbie Waters Library

7335 Gloria Dr., Sacramento, CA 95831