Dec 12 2016
How the Freaks Steal Christmas Dinner

How the Freaks Steal Christmas Dinner

Presented by Farm to Fork Capital at LowBrau

Freaks of the Industry produces a high-value low -ost series of events for the people and by the people of the agriculture, food and beverage community.

-Amuse: Grilled broccoli with miso aioli.
-First Course: Charcoal-seared buri tataki, smoked mandarin, persimmon, and pickled shimeji.
-Second Course: Chicken fried livers, root vegetables, hasoui pear, and cabbage.
-Third Course: Lasagna, citrus riccota, bresaola, and nage.
-Fourth Course: Tamago tofu, dashi, chili, and onions.
-Fifth Course: Duck, winter squash, mushrooms, and pomegranate.
-Sixth Course: Beef tongue pho, turnip, coriander leaf, and yuzu.
-Seventh Course: “Cake America Great Again” — parsnip, white chocolate, and acorn.

Chef Line-Up:
-Tyler Bond of Kru
-Brock Macdonald of Lowbrau and Block Butcher Bar
-Matt Masera of Hook and Ladder
-Oliver Ridgeway of Grange
-Craig Takehara of Binchoyaki
-Keizaburo Sugimoto of Kru

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Phone: (916) 956-3191

Dates & Times

2016/12/12 - 2016/12/12

Location Info


1050 20th St., Sacramento, CA 95811