Dec 07 2016
Jan 07 2017
Twelve: It's About Time Exhibit

Twelve: It's About Time Exhibit

Presented by Viewpoint Photographic Art Center at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

This year marks Viewpoint Gallery’s 25th anniversary. For this milestone year Viewpoint’s annual juried exhibit, Twelve, invites submissions that express the relationship between photography and time. Time, of course, is in photography’s tools. Shutter speeds that split a second into amazingly small fractions and “B” – the 19th century carry over abbreviation that puts the photographer in control of the length of time the shutter is open.

Time is also in the language used to express photography’s ideas like the much sought “decisive moment” and memories that are held suspended in time like visual fossils. Time for photography is the frozen collision of the instant and also the on-going ooze of long exposures of traffic or wind or the Milky Way. In fact, all photographs are time exposures of longer or shorter duration. Photography is the record of seasons, growth, decay, memories, the past always present yet always past, and dreams. And what of the time spent planning a photograph, then waiting, watching. Or the time after making the initial exposures spent editing, combining, re-imagining. Chair time. Time is certainly ever present in photography.

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Phone: (916) 441-2341


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2016/12/07 - 2017/01/07

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2nd Sat (12/10) 5:30pm-9pm

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Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

2015 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811