Oct 19 2022
Nov 23 2022
Beginning Meditation

Beginning Meditation

Presented by Sacramento Insight Meditation at Sacramento Dharma Center

Join in for a Beginning Meditation, six-week course that provides the basic techniques for learning Insight Meditation (vipassana), both during sitting meditation and in daily life.

This course is intended as an introduction to the practice of meditation as it is taught at the Sacramento Insight Meditation group. As an introduction to meditation, it is meant to support and encourage you to take up the practice of meditation and to see if meditation is a worthwhile activity in your life.

The course is a hands-on, experiential program for beginners as well as those more experienced meditators who are interested in revisiting and working with their meditation skills. It is not meant as an exploration of comparative meditation techniques or a scholastic treatment of meditation theory.

Note: This is also not a course in Buddhism. The class will discuss Buddhist terms and concepts only to the degree that they are helpful in learning the process of meditation. Insight meditation does not require any belief system or adherence to any philosophy or religion.

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Email: registrar@sactoinsight.org

Dates & Times

2022/10/19 - 2022/11/23

Additional time info:

In addition to the weekly sessions there will be one retreat/meeting on Sunday, Nov 20 from 9am-4pm

Location Info

Sacramento Dharma Center

3111 Wissemann Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826