City of Sacramento

City of Sacramento


Founded in 1849, the City of Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in California. In 1920, Sacramento city voters adopted a City Charter (municipal constitution) and a City Council Manager form of government, which is still being used today.

The City Council consists of a Mayor, elected by all City voters, and eight Council members, elected to represent separate districts in the City. Each Council member is required to live in the district they represent. The Mayor and Council members

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Sacramento Fire Department Fire Station Open Houses

Presented by City of Sacramento at Various Sacramento Fire Department Stations

May 5 - Oct 20, 2018

Test Event

Presented by City of Sacramento at Sacramento City Hall

May 21 - Jun 25, 2018

District 2 Jazz and Soul in the Park Featuring Cameo

Presented by City of Sacramento at Del Paso Nuevo Park

Jun 24, 2018

District 7 Office Hours (July)

Presented by City of Sacramento at Prairie Elementary School Library

Jul 12, 2018



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