Pachamama Coffee

Pachamama Coffee


Pachamama Coffee Cooperative is a 100% farmer owned coffee roaster and distributor based in Sacramento, CA. Since 2006, Pachamama Coffee has been a model for vertical integration in the coffee industry. Owned and governed by farmers from Ethiopia, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico, they now operate a roastery, wholesale operation, online retail service, and two cafes in Sacramento. Pachamama has remained true to its vision since the beginning; allow coffee producers to directly relate to

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Pachamama Coffee Fiesta and Block Party

Presented by Pachamama Coffee at Pachamama East Sacramento

Aug 18, 2019


  • An interview, from 2010, with Raúl del Aguila of COCLA Cooperative in Peru, and the founding President of Pachamama Coffee Cooperative. Filmed in Raúl's office in Quillabamba, Peru.


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